25 November 2009

Don't call it a comeback

Hey everyone. Anyone? Did my long hiatus leave me completely bereft of readers? Doesn't surprise me. Regardless I'm back now. I miss blogging and I've got a bevvy of shit to talk about now. Not a little bitty bevvy, either. A really big bevvy. I'd love to catch y'all up on everything that's happened since I last posted about four months ago but I don't even remember half of it at this point and if you follow me on Twitter — which you totally should — you'd be all, "Dude. OLD NEWS." So I'll just try to hit the high points.

I haven't been entirely absent from the web, you may well know. Back in August, while on a fairly uneventful business trip to Sacramento, I was asked to write an album review for my favorite local music site, bham.fm. Since then I've written a few more and I'm really liking it. As you are surely aware I absolutely cannot live without music. Being given the chance to write reviews for a site like bham.fm is a great opportunity for me to flex my critiquing muscles while supporting local bands. I'd like it if people commented more on any of the stuff that's posted on bham.fm so if you're ever perusing the site be sure to leave a little love for us. I just wish I had time to write more, honestly. I've got a couple more reviews in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled. The same goes for this blog as well. This hiatus wasn't a planned thing. But I'm kind of glad it happened, even if it costs me part of what little audience I had in the first place.

Other big news. Let's see... I met someone and subsequently lost someone. It was tough. There are very few people who know the whole story and it's not one I intended to share here for the sake of her privacy. It suffices to say that I wish things could've worked out differently but knew well enough that they wouldn't. Denial is a real bitch sometimes.

Now for the real big news. I bought a fucking house! Yeah, crazy right? I know I mentioned before that I was looking well guess what I found one! It's a cozy little 3 bedroom/2 bath really close to downtown Huntsville in the 5 Points area. I closed on it at the end of October and kept my lease on the apartment through the end of November. It's a nice feeling being able to move and take my time with it. Especially since it's only about 15 minutes down the road. Some Very Fantastic Friends and I moved the majority of it this past Saturday. Of course there was drama. A fixture on the waterline that runs to the ice maker on my fridge came loose not 2 hours after we finished unloading the truck so I had to cut the water off to the house... and the power because the leak was right behind an outlet. My heat was also not working because the gas company here sucks at life. So I didn't have running water until yesterday. But, hey, last night I spent my very first night in my Own Damn House! I also started unpacking stuff last night, a process that will no doubt take the entirety of my 30 year mortgage to complete.

Now comes the arduous task of organizing and *gasp* decorating a new place. So you can doubtless expect another entry or two in my "Gotta Keep 'em Decorated" series. Also expect pictures. And foul language. And more blog posts from your favorite rocket scientist and music enthusiast.


Heather Rose said...

I'm still here, mister house owner rocket scientist man! Sorry things were a bit rough for a while there, and I'm glad they're looking up. Decorating shenanigans ought to be fun! Send me pics, dude.

SpacemanAlpha said...

Congrats on the house!

LadyGlutter said...

Whenever I catch your links on twitter, I do read your album reviews. The problem with twitter is that stuff gets lost in the shuffle sometimes. Anyhoo, I don't always have the time and money to do much exploring musically besides what people and pandora point me towards. You've been a vast resource, believe it or not. Sometimes it's even just "Oh yeah I like that, I should dust it off..." but I spent a day crying over Frank Turner because your twitter stream happened to be particularly loud one day.

Also -- yay for new houses and blog posty! Boo on living and learning, though. Don't ya hate that?

Christa said...

I don't know you - and I'm jealous of you already. (That's sucky for me, as this is the first time I'm visiting your site.) [It's not your fault, though.] {Not that you thought it was.}

Hurray for getting a house! :)

Heather Rose said...

Just thought I'd drop by to say I see you commenting on Ari's blog posts. *weeps tears of sadness* You're still in MY Greader, even if you don't write in it anymore...or come to comment on mine. *sniff*

CSD said...

Hey Austin --

I have robots on my site that leave me comments -- Do you think I could get them to post blogs for me too? The far superior intelligence. Hope you're having a good one.


prettyhelmet said...

post more. NOW!