28 August 2008

Brain Candy

This is a link to an article that I think is worth a read. It's about the new trend of buying one song off of a music service as opposed to purchasing the full album. I guess the trend isn't really new per se, but it's resurgent in an industry-changing way. I think it's bad news, and apparently some folks tend to agree with me. Here's a quick snippet:

Online music sales continue to skyrocket at the expense of CDs. iTunes continues to be the leader of the pack, too, not only in online sales, but music sales overall. But a small rebellion is brewing against iTunes as artists become disgruntled with the hit they're taking on overall album sales thanks to the now-wildly-popular method of cherry-picking favorite tracks for download.

I've been wanting some other opinions on this phenomenon.

P.S. Apollo's Awesome Album Areview coming soon


Britches said...

Some (and I mean some) artists should get over this horrible trend in my opinion. Why you ask? Because they produce one good song and eleven other pieces of shit and they sell it to you expecting you to believe it's a masterpiece. Not the case. It hasn't been the case for so long, that people finally got smart and decided to start picking and choosing. Very good move in my opinion.

Apollo said...

the problem, britches, is that a lot of artists construct an album as a piece of art and the songs are just the medium. picking one or two songs off of 'blood on the tracks' by bob dylan is like saying 'i only liked the blues and yellows in van gogh's starry night so that's all i'll focus on.' 'blue eyes cryin' in the rain' by willie nelson is an amazing song, but people that only buy the one track or only listen to that song over and over are missing out on the complete brilliance of 'the redheaded stranger'.