08 August 2008

Countdown to retirement

One week of work down, countless to go. My first week of work went really well. Here is a random group of thoughts concerning this new beginning.

I met a lot of people who I'll likely never have to deal with again and even if I do I won't remember their names. I decided that I hate laptops because every one has the delete key in a different fucking spot. I’ve got two managers at work and they are both really nice and helpful. I wish I didn’t have to sit in front of a computer all day, but hopefully that won’t always be the case. I’ll likely be bringing my lunch to work a lot because eating out is expensive; it’ll also let me leave early if I work through lunch. I’m actually a little surprised at my level of productivity (he says as he blogs while on the clock). I like the work that they’ve got me doing here - it may not be the ideal but at least it’s not aerodynamics crap. I get the impression that my project manager really likes me and is impressed; that may not actually be the case but it’s the impression that I get. I’ve got the Mighty Might Bosstones stuck in my head now. I am falling in love for the first time all over again with Pandora Radio. One of the higher-ups in the company decided that if people were going to have things hung on the walls in their office that it had to be done right so if I want to hang up my MST3K poster I have to email the wife of the president of the company and get her to send someone to do it. I excel at writing long sentences. I’m trying to figure out how best to flirt with some of the cute girls that work here - it’s tough! I (surprisingly) feel bad when I’m sitting here not working (like now) but I honestly don’t know of anything else I should be doing right now. It seems like there are a lot of things around here that I’ll end up working on in some capacity. I may hate laptops now but I still can’t wait to get the laptop that they ordered for me. It seems like this company has lots of get-togethers, which I intend to use to showcase new recipes and flirt with coworkers. I drink way too much coffee when I’m here.

Okay I could probably keep going but I think that the longer that shit gets the harder it’ll be to read. I would’ve tried to make that flow better but then it probably would’ve been 15 pages long.

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Dave said...

I'm glad you like your job. It sounds like you're working for a really nice place. You'll get used to working in front of a computer. It took me a while. I would leave work and blare music at full volume on the way home as a a way to unwind. =P

See you soon.