06 August 2008

Feeling secure

SO... about Huntsville. I've been living here now for 4 or 5 days and I like it so far. Given, I haven't gone out to the bars yet or ventured that far beyond the walls of my apartment, honestly, but it's been a refreshing change of pace. That's not to say it's been boring. Quite the contrary, my dears. I've loved, I've laughed, I've drank, I've swam, I've walked around lakes and through fields, I've watched movies, I've played video games, I've tried new foods and met new people, and... I've even fought crime.

That's right, folks - I fought crime. Well, I suppose that I can't accurately say that I fought crime so much as my friends and I being at the pool Saturday night drinking deterred crime. That's the same thing, right? I'll try to make the story short, which should be easy considering the whole ordeal lasted all of two minutes. My friends Matt and Patricia came over Friday and Saturday night to keep a lonely boy company and go swimming. It was a blast. Saturday night after Matt helped me arrange the furniture in my living room we ventured down to the pool for an evening dip & drink. At one point (around 11) Matt and I went inside to check out the sauna as heterosexually as possible. Patricia didn't go in because she wasn't feeling that well. Well as Matt and I are in the sauna (which is to the side of the fitness center) I see two guys walk through. They're both bigger meathead looking white guys and I don't think much of it because I never think much of meathead looking white guys (or black guys, for that matter). The guys don't notice Matt and I because they didn't bother looking for people in the sauna at damn near midnight. Apparently they were carrying around flashlights and checking out the exercise equipment. When they walked out onto the pool deck, though, they saw Patricia and froze in their tracks. They then proceeded to try and play it off at which point Patricia made sure to point out that she had two friends with her in the sauna of all places. At that point the guys left and I heard them mention something about Patricia so Matt and I ended our totally heterosexual sauna trip and went and checked on Patty, who was obviously fine though a little confused by the whole ordeal. So I call the apartment complex on Monday or Tuesday and tell them about the goings-on and they tell me they'll keep an eye out.

This is the email I got earlier today:

I wanted to let you know about the two guys that you told me about
yesterday. Apparently they were arrested last night and featured on WAAY
31 news as being responsible for numerous thefts of apartment communities’
fitness centers! I had described them to --- off of your description and
she said they fit it to a T when she saw their mug shots!

Thanks again for letting me know as our property attendant is
going to be watching the area closely!

Hope you are enjoying your apartment.

So lo and behold those guys are criminals (well no shit). More importantly though they were at my apartment complex that night to steal some equipment and if it hadn't been for our need to drink around bodies of water they would've gotten away with it.

Wow I really suck at making stories short. Of course if you've read this blog before or actually know me you're probably fully aware of that. If I can find the link to the news story I'll post it here.

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Dave said...

You just need a van and a dog and your team of mystery solvers will be complete!