12 March 2009

Don't want security to get suspicious

I'm at work doing some online IT Security training. Nevermind the fact that I just did last year's training a little over a month ago when I started. I've got all the time in the world to drop what I'm doing and dedicate an afternoon to common-sense training in computer security. Really? I shouldn't print secret information and then leave it in a coffee shop? Really? I shouldn't download viruses? Really? No porn at work? Well I guess I've just been DOIN' IT WRONG.

Time for a cup of coffee. I need something to take the edge of this exciting adventure in ass-hattery.

In completely unrelated news I am feinding for some Oreos right now. They are NOT diet-friendly. Since I'm going to eat ze German food tonight I don't think it's in my belly's best interest to hit up the snack machine. Stay strong, Apollo. Stay strong.

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