10 March 2009

ITP: I watches the Watchmen

I went and saw Watchmen last night. It was so fucking good. I think I'd like to go see it again. It's been a long time since I wanted to see a movie twice (or more!) in the theatre. As a general rule I don't enjoy going to movie theatres because, well, they suck. I don't like people and at movie theatres people are always around trying to ruin my hard-earned, well-spent dollar. Luckily there is a kick-ass movie theatre here with a few view-and-brew auditoriums and big, comfy chairs. Sure it's a little pricier than I'd like ($13!) but since I don't go that often it's worth it to splurge.

Without going into too much detail I'll say that I thought they did a fantastic job of telling the story and conveying the mood of the original book even if they did have to leave some stuff out. I understand and like the changes they made at the end. The two people I went with had not read the novel and they both enjoyed it a lot. It's definitely something that you could watch a dozen times and still not pick out all the details. The sound quality was astonishing and the visual style and effects were breath taking. I'm trying not to sound too much like a fanboi here but OMG THE MARS SCENES NOMNOMNOM. That shit gave me goosebumps. Okay I'm done now. Whew. Anyhow if you haven't seen it GO SEE IT and if you haven't read it GO READ IT, TOO.

Oh, and you'd probably want to abandon all humanity too if you had as bad a case of blue-balls as Dr. Manhattan. *rimshot*


Anonymous said...

Told you so!!!!

Apollo said...

I know! It's my distaste for movie theatres and their patrons that keeps me away from there on weekends. This means I'm always at least 2 days behind on big movies like this. I figured there was no way I was going to dislike this movie. I was right. You were right. We were all right. Alright?

Sarah said...

Would you go so far as to call it filthy fucking awesome?

I would! :D

Apollo said...

I most certainly would, Sarah. That's not a phrase to be tossed around lightly, either, as you well know. :P

Heather Rose said...

Freakin' A! ^__^