29 May 2009

In my mach 5

I'm still alive. Promise. I even made it back from Sasquatch! in one piece! It was awesome. I'm about to start writing up the blog entry to end all blog entry about the whole experience, but first a little business to tend to.

True story: When I was probably 5 or 6 years old I told a woman who lived in my neighborhood that I wanted to dress up as a can of English peas for Halloween. That's how much I loved them when I was growing up. I still love them. So, now we know what side of the line I stand on, Aleta! You can keep your gross bananas, I'll keep my delicious canned peas.

My favorite food growing up was my mother's chicken and rice. It was/is incredibly simple to make- just Rice-a-roni Chicken flavored mix (which sounds really gross and unnatural when you say it in your head) and canned chicken, really. I also loved Le Sueur peas, which I thought were called Leisure peas until I was probably 18. Then I discovered that you could mix the two together and it was better than sex. Well, sex with me anyway.

One thing's for sure, though. If you do an image search for Le Sueur peas it turns up some pretty gross looking recipe images. Still probably delicious, though.


Aleta said...


It's okay, you didn't post an actual *picture* of the peas, but I know they're in that can. And they're gross.

Heather Rose said...

I love The Presidents, and that song. Creamy little interior... ^_^

Peas?! Not with you. They've ALWAYS made me gag. Unless in vegetable soup. If drenched in tomato, I can deal.

Anonymous said...

I love peas!!! I mix mine with a dollop of Daisy! Yummm! Heaven in a can!

Colleen said...

I think you just discovered this year's Halloween costume.

Apollo said...

Aleta - Now we're even! I just can't believe that you don't like canned peas. Well, I can believe it, really. It's just odd that it happened to be the one veggie I enjoyed eating as a kid.

Heather - Great song, eh? Haven't heard it in forever, though. Doing something about that now! And everything is better when drenched in tomato.

Ari - And yet again we align on our food preferences. Down with bananas, up with peas!

Colleen - Seriously considering it. Unless I steal your leg-lamp idea. Of course I don't think the dress would suit me...