14 May 2009

You said the same thing about the microwave

I'm not going to jump the gun here and talk about the Free the Hops bill passing the Senate. I'm just not going to do it. No jinxes. It ain't law yet. I'll wait...

Instead I'll do what I came here to do, and that's write a list about what I want in a house. I don't think it's a long list. Let's find out together!

- Location: Somewhere close enough to downtown Huntsville (and subsequently my friends) that I don't have to drive far. While it'd be nice to be closer to work it's not as important to me as good times.
- Big kitchen: A very, very close second to location. I hate being cramped when I'm trying to cook. HATE IT.
- At least 2 bathrooms: These first three are really more like absolute requirements. I need me a poopin' bathroom when I have company over.
- Front/back porch: I'd love to have a large back porch for lazy summer afternoons.
- 2 floors: I don't expect I'll get this, but for some reason I've always preferred two story houses.
- Hardwood floors: I guess?
- Large yard: I'm actually torn on this one because one on hand I'd love to have a dog and a big back yard to play about in but on the other hand I am not a fan of mowing grass. A dilemma to be sure.
- Large bathroom - I hate tiny showers. A walk-in shower would be so cool.
- Fireplace: It'd be nice, but I don't actually care that much. I never use the one I have now.
- A hot chicks room:
Upright Citizens Brigade
Hot Chicks Room
Joke of the DayStand-Up ComedyFree Online Games

- Anything that I'm forgetting? Not that y'all would know what I want, but you might have some ideas that haven't crossed my mind yet.

Lastly, Paste Magazine is going through hard times right now. Of course they are, right? Not only does the economy suck, but the entire printed media industry is on the bubble right now. This is one of the first publications that I genuinely care about to be on the verge. So if you've ever considered a subscription now is the time. Or if you love 'em, too, they need some help. I donated what I could and the tracks they provide are pretty awesome. It says a lot about a magazine that artists would donate rare material to them in order to help them stay afloat.


Ari said...

Yay Free the Hops!

What do you consider "close to downtown"? Cause you're not going to be able to find something reasonably priced that meets those requirements in 5 points or twickingham. . .its gonna be more towards Dead Cove (or HamptonCove as some call it) or South HSV

Apollo said...

I'd planned on looking in the 5 Points area or the medical district. I have no idea where Twickingham is. I noticed there are a bunch of homes further south but I'm not sure how keen I am on that.

LadyGlutter said...

(Yay, I actually posted that comment on the last post! Lately I've apparently made the mistake on multiple blogs of clicking away after I previewed the darn thing, thinking I'd actually pressed send. D'oh!)

Consider whethere you are okay with a neighborhood ruled by a homeowner's association, or do you consider their conformity standards draconian? Personally, I would never ever want to be beholden to anyone. My best friend would never ever want to live in a neighborhood that wasn't "protected" by a HO association from property values dropping.

About the large yard, think about how much you hate to mow grass a lot. You may want to compromise, because you can get fined by your city if you're too much of a slacker. Also on that topic, factor in how many leaves will fall from trees in the fall and how you feel about other forms of yardwork.

Ari said...

Twickingham a.k.a. Olde Towne - the house that are right around Downtown

honu-girl said...

You have a good list. Be willing to compromise on the ones further down, and make your agent (assuming you're working with one) know what items are musts and what items are "nice to haves."

Think about number of bed rooms, and what a "large kitchen" really means.

Know your budget, and be willing to go lower and spend money on improvements if necessary. Good for value in the long term.

And good luck! Wish I could help out with the search more, but I might be able to provide advice/support on the closing end of things, since we're going through that this week.

Heather Rose said...

Saaaaaaaaave Paaaaaaaaaaste!

This overrides everything else, people. Subscribe!

Colleen said...

Cool! I vote for the big yard and dog(s). You can always pay some kid to mow your lawn, or command/threaten him until he does it for free.

Apollo said...

LG- Glad you worked out your commenting issues! I'd never even considered a HOA, so that's definitely something I'll think about.

Ari- Ah! I'll likely ask you more questions like this.

Honu-Girl- I'm totally willing to compromise on pretty much any but the first three. I'm not sure how much repair I am even willing to do. This perplexes me.

Heather- I agree. I think things will work out for them!

Colleen- I've definitely considered the neighborhood kid strategy for lawn care. I feel lazy paying people to do things like that. But I guess that's cause I am lazy. And you'd better believe if I have a fenced yard I'm getting a dog. Hopefully it'll be as awesome as Coop and half as destructive as Addie.