12 May 2009

My glass house

Things have been pretty slow recently at work. I've actually made an art out of web-surfing. I'd love to share some of the better things I find, but I never remember to save them. Plus, if you follow me on Twitter you'll probably see most of those links anyway. That being said, if you don't follow me on Twitter then you damn well oughta.

As I previously mentioned, this past weekend was the First Annual Rocket City Brewfest. I volunteered there Friday night and attended on Saturday. I didn't go to work on Friday because I was feeling sick when I woke up and I wanted to try to get some rest so I wouldn't have to miss my shift at the Brewfest. That's dedication, Holmes. It turned out to be a fun time. I actually think I may have enjoyed pouring beer more than I did attending the next day, although that's mostly because I wasn't feeling well. There was a ton of good food there and loads of great beer. I'm sure next year will be even better.

So here's big news: I've decided to buy a house. I got a letter from my apartment complex the other day informing me that they're raising my rent ~$200 a month! I should've seen this coming because they gave me a hella sweet deal on the place when I signed on, but damn it still hurts. I'm not really okay with paying that much for an apartment and I'm also not really interested in renting again so I think it's high time I dove into the wicked world of realty. Luckily I've got family in the realty bidness who can set me on the right track. My problem is that once I make a decision like this I'm super impatient. I don't want to be living in my apartment once my lease ends in two months, but I know that's totally unrealistic. I'll probably end up staying at my apartment and paying the extra rent until I can buy a house.

I'm also really bad about listening to advice on things like this. I'll ask tons of people (y'all included) for any tips and tricks and then likely disregard the majority of what I hear. Laziness and impatience do not behoove a first time home-buyer. But really how hard can it be? Tell me about your first home-buying experience so that I may learn from your collective wisdom.

*I totally won't even mention realty on Twitter because if I do I'll get a billion new realtor-followers and realtor-replies and that's just annoying.

Oh, I went and saw the new Star Trek movie last night. I won't go into much detail but I will say that it's definitely worth seeing, even if you're not a fan of the franchise. If you are a fan of the franchise, even just a little bit, you will absolutely love it. We're all talking about it over at Sarah's place. Join in!

Here's the Swingin' Utters song, "My Glass House"


Molly N said...

I won't tell you everything I learned about buying a house but remember that, having just done this, if you have any questions I'm happy to answer them.

Ari said...

My house advice - do lots of research. Like ridiculous amounts. Ask lots of questions. Get a good home inspector. Fight for what you want.

Oh - and find out early if the house was a rental - that can bite you in the ass when you go to close.

Sarah said...

My big advice is first, take your time. Second, and directly related, don't let your imagination run away with you. Take your time. Look and look and look. And be highly critical. I bought my first house in a super-whirl because I thought I had no options and while I like my little house, I could have made a vastly better decision if someone had just reminded me to stop and think and shop.

Apollo said...

Molly - I'll probably call you freaking out at some point.

Ari - Thanks for the heads up about the rental thing. Why is that an issue?

Sarah - Damn all this sound advice telling me to take my time. I don't wanna! Grrr. I want this to be easy and quick. You (and everyone else I know) is telling me that's a bad thing. So I'll bide my time, but I don't have to like it. I like being rash and impatient and impulsive. Guess that's not the best strategy when spending a shit-ton of money, huh?

Sarah said...

No, not the best. But buying your first house doesn't have to be difficult. Believe you me it's a helluva lot easier than buying your second house. Start now making lists of your must-haves, your wants, and your needs. Prioritize what you think you have to have. Will you fall out if you don't have hardwood floors? Do you need a patio or deck to be really happy? How much closet is enough closet? Are you a yard person? Do you want to be a yard person? Stuff like that.

Get and work with an agent you're happy and comfortable with. It's okay to shop for agents and it's okay to shop for mortgages.

Now is a great time to buy. You can be focused and efficient. You do not have to do it like your ass is on fire.

Apollo said...

Ooh! Good idea! A list!

LadyGlutter said...

Very exciting. Good luck!