13 January 2009

Bikini girls with machine guns

The title of this blog will unfortunately/fortunately have nothing to do with the content. It's just the first song title that popped in my head for some reason. I'm sure that says something disturbing about me.

Okay I just had to throw that in there. We're done with that now.

So those nice folks at Auburn University actually handed me a large piece of paper saying that I have been awarded a Master's Degree in Aerospace Engineering. You're probably thinking to yourself, "Well yeah dude, duh." But what I'm thinking is, "HAHAHHAHA NOW THEY CAN'T TAKE IT BACK!" Imagine me standing in front of a castle lit only by occasional lightning strikes while I scream that, eyes maniacally widened and gesticulating wildly. I think this mad scientist thing could be a good move for me.

Aside from the relief of actually holding my degree in my hand the trip to Auburn was a fun time. I got to see most everyone I wanted to see. I got to drink large amounts of cheap beer. I got to hear some good music. I got to relax and reminisce (I just learned from the ever-informative Sarah that the literary term for that there rhetorical device is anaphora).

Friday night I went to the bar where I probably spent most of my student loans, Roosters. Always good to see the place intact. You never know with that crowd. Then I went to my friends' house with loads of cheap beer in tow. It was fun but a little strange for two reasons. One is that their house was right down the street from somewhere that I used to party and pay rent which lead to some major can't-go-home-again feelings. The second is that the house my friends were renting had at one point been occupied by some characters who had a stripper pole in the living room. I know because I went to some parties there. Cringe.

Question: does anyone know if Bradford Health Clinic has a program for Hershey's Kisses addiction?

And now this:

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Sarah said...

I like the shiny bikini! Also the gun, but it's not as shiny. Or on her boob.