28 January 2009

A trivial pursuit?

Damn I'm tired. I can't figure why, either. I went out last night but I was home and in bed by 11:15 which is when I typically go to bed. Even when I woke up this morning it took everything I had to get out of bed. I feel like I didn't get but 3 hours of sleep or something. Weird. I'm at my desk with a double-shot Americano from the coffee shop on the first floor listening to "You in Reverse" by Built to Spill and trying my damnedest not to fall asleep. By the way that is a fucking spectacular album. If you haven't heard it yet stop what you're doing and go borrow it from a friend or just buy it. I'll give you my copy if you want. It's that good.

That reminds me, I've got a couple of albums in mind for a possible return of Apollo's Awesome Album Areview. I'm also still taking suggestions. If you ever have an album you'd like for me to listen to and review I'd be more than glad to.

Like I said I went out last night. It was the first time since I've been in Huntsville that I knowingly put myself outside of my comfort zone for the sake of meeting new people. Some acquaintances of mine were going to a trivia night on the other side of town. I only knew maybe three of the people and I didn't even know them very well. While I'd hardly call the evening buckets of fun or a smashing success I don't regret going which, for me, is saying something. I talk a good bit on here about wanting to meet new people but I am always hesitant to put myself out there and actually do it. I feel like I need to have someone there with me that I know well as an escape route. Otherwise I'll just sit by myself and drink while watching people have fun. I almost did that last night because the place was so packed I couldn't find a seat at the table with the folks that I knew. So I sat at a different table and just ordered some food and a beer. It ended up working out, though. It was better than sitting at the house alone at least.

I hope that I never come across on this blog as an unhappy person. I'm not unhappy. I just wish things were a little different here and I hope that some day (sooner rather than later) they will be. Either I'll find something that I enjoy more than going out with friends or I'll make more friends that enjoy going out. I really hope it's the latter.


Anonymous said...

Ok...we go out about once a week...just some friends and beer...you're more than welcome to join...just shoot me an email

Apollo said...

Thanks for the invite! I'll likely take you up on that sometime. I live off of Zeirdt which, according to a friend of mine, is in the middle of nowhere. Where do you typically go for fun-booze-times?

Heather Rose said...

My powers of preminission tell me it'll be the latter.^__^

You don't seem unhappy. Just not into awkward.