07 January 2009

Weekend worrier

I spent this past weekend in Huntsville and it was very low key. Too low key for me, in fact. A lot of my friends were out of town and there was nothing going on. Friday night I didn't even leave the house. I feel kind of stupid saying this but god damnit staying home on Friday night is no good! Maybe that makes me immature or juvenile or some shit but you know what I don't really care. That's how I work. I'm a little fucking social butterfly. I spend enough time sitting on my ass by myself at my apartment during the week. I've never been the type to go to a bar alone. I'm not there yet. To be perfectly honest if I had known Thursday that there wouldn't be anything to do in Huntsville on Friday then I probably would've driven back to Birmingham. I feel kind of like I should be grown up enough at this point in my life that something like this shouldn't bother me but it still kind of does. I suspect I'll be this way for a long time. I'm okay with it. I really enjoy going out to bars and hanging out with friends. I really don't enjoy not going out to bars and hanging out with friends.

Saturday night I went over to some friends' house for dinner. We had planned on going out after dinner and having some beers but, yet again, there was nothing of interest going on so we just stayed in and drank at their place. It was fun. It was definitely better that sitting at home and doing nothing. I still would've rather gone out somewhere, anywhere, just to get out but it was probably better that we stayed in, truthfully. I don't know what my obsession is with going out on the weekend. Maybe the fact that I spent the last 7 years going out every weekend? Whatever it is I probably need to get over it. It certainly seems like it would be for the best living here in Huntsville.

As for this coming weekend it looks like there's a good chance I'll be heading to Auburn. With any luck I'll be able to pick up my degree while I'm down there but I'll need to leave work pretty early on Friday to get there in time. It's been a while now since I've been back and from what I hear the town has kind of become Dullsville but I still think it'll be nice to get back. If nothing else I'll get to see some folks I haven't seen in a while. Hooray for a potentially exciting weekend!

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