19 January 2009

Putting the ass in NASA

So there has been a lot going on in the last week. First and foremost I found out that I got the job working on Ares I. That's pretty awesome, y'all. It's really what I interviewed for back in the summer. That means that I'll no longer be working on the missile defense stuff that caused so much strife. I actually never got to the point where I was really working on the program as much as attending meetings where people talked about working on the program so I guess that's something. I guess we can thank the slow-moving nature of government work for that. Too many cooks in the kitchen and all that. Back to the main point: I'll be working for NASA! That's cool not only because I get to tell people that I work for NASA* but also because I'll be getting back to the type of work that I want to do. More accurately I'll be working on This Complicated Stuff:

Aren't you excited?

Tomorrow I move all of my stuff from my current office to my new office on Redstone Arsenal in the Marshal Space Flight Center. It really is like starting a brand new job. I'm still technically working for the same company but I'll be in a brand new location with an entirely new group of coworkers and a working on a completely different task. One of the only bad things about this whole change is that I'll be sacrificing my big cushy office for a cubicle. I'll also be losing the convenience of having about one billion places to eat within 5 minutes of my building. So I've taken to saying that the work will be more rewarding but the work environment will be more, uh, shitty. Another thing I'll doubtless lose is the excess of free time that I've had over the past few months in my current position. This may lead to less blog updating but I'll try to find the time somehow or another.

Outside of work I've been pretty busy as well. This past weekend I took a trip down to Houma, Louisiana for a late Christmas celebration with some extended family. I always enjoy seeing that part of my family and I'm hoping that since I'm out of school and have some expendable income and free time I'll get a chance to go visit them more often. I'd fill you all in on the minutiae but it was pretty boring for me so I wouldn't torture you with it. Oh, and when you do a Google Image Search for Houma, La you turn up things like this:

Happy MLK Day, everyone! Go punch a racist.

*This does not get you laid so guys don't you go climbing into an aerospace program just to pick up chicks.


Sarah said...

That first picture makes me want to go watch Space Camp about a thousand more times. "Guys, if you get this wrong, we're gonna be sittin' in the middle of a fireball!"

As for the second, world's largest okra? IDEK!

Apollo said...

I've never even seen Space Camp. How bad is that? I've been to Space Camp, but never seen the movie. I feel like a fraud.

That may very well be the world's largest okra. I didn't evaluate it beyond "redneck with large vegetable".

Sarah said...

That is pretty bad. I think you need to see it soon, because it is a space movie and a disaster movie and a disaster of a teen movie and also has baby Joaquin Phoenix, so you can remember the good times before he turned into a hobo.

Dave said...

I keep hearing that chicks like a guy with a brain and who's smarter than a rocket scientist?

Your last statement socks me.

You could always be the asshole rocket scientist. =) That's gotta be win win right there.

Apollo said...

Man, I've been playing the 'asshole rocket scientist' routine for years. Maybe that's the problem... nah, couldn't be.