23 April 2009

Apollo Rocks The EP, a trial

A while back I had my first "Apollo Rocks It!" contest to come up with a great theme for a mixtape. Heather won with a kick ass idea. Sarah also had a good one, though, and I told y'all I would come up with an EP for hers. I've been putting it off because I wanted to try out the mixtape.me utility. I think this is going to be a good relationship. So here it is, the first of what I imagine could be a shitload of mixes that I put on the blog. For Sarah: "Apollo Rocks Holy Shit, Get the Fuck Outta Here!" (minus emo and scene music) The limits of their catalogue could be a problem eventually, but I think it'll work smashingly well for EPs. What do ya'll think?

*Okay upon trying to listen to it straight through I noticed that my Thin Lizzy stops playing at ~1:30. I haven't tried to listen to the others all the way yet. Is that happening to anyone else? The whole song is there, I promise. What's the deal mixtape.me?


LadyGlutter said...

I'm having problems with the Thin Lizzy as well, but the rest work just fine. That's a cool little service you found there.

Heather Rose said...

Love. It.

Thin Lizzy? Stops at 1:37. :( The rest of the tracks are okay, though.

Oh, Nancy Sinatra, leave The Beatles alone!