20 April 2009

Complete uninanonomonitity

Hey blog friends! I've been negligent recently in updating. I think I can fix that, though. I'm really glad that I got so many responses to my last post about a vision for Mars. I've spoken to a bunch of my rocket science friends and gotten their opinions on the matter, as well. One guy even drew a very apt comparison to the colonization of the Americas and the corporations which provided the funding. Interesting to think about, anyway.

I fully intended to put up some pictures today but I loaded them all on the computer at home and deleted them from my camera [No, Heather, not pictures of me. Still trying to maintain a little anonymity, here]. When I went walking last Friday I took some pictures on the trip. Kind of a 'step into my (painful) running shoes' idea. One thing I learned is that it's best to stop walking before you take photos, lest they come down with a case of the blurries. Oh well. You'll see 'em soon.

Is it lame that I'm trying to keep this blog a little anonymous? I realize that almost everyone who comments either knows me well or has hung out with me before. My justification is two-fold, really. The most important reason is that I occasionally write about work. There are plenty of people out there who have gotten fired for the things they wrote in their own time on their own website. While I don't think I've ever written anything so scandalous such that would warrant reprimand, I do know that other people might not agree with what I have to say. Which is fine, really. Unless those other people happen to be coworkers or bosses. The best way to avoid that little snafu is for me to keep my name/face off my blog. Sure, I know that there's a significant chance that no one in NASA has ever even heard of this site, or would care that I run it. I'm just being safe. That being said I also love establishing friendships with readers and would love to hear from anyone out there who reads but doesn't comment.

The second reason I keep my name/face off the blog is that I don't want family or (some) friends to know about it. I have my own reasons for that.

I've been thinking about this a lot recently. I think it's best. I wonder if it's not a little cowardly, though.


Heather Rose said...

Better safe than sorry.

I'm a bit cowardly, myself. While I don't really say anything I shouldn't about my professional life, I don't want some coworkers/friends reading either.

I'm not stealthy, though. I just kind of hope they'll never look.

LadyGlutter said...

Personally, I don't think it's necessarily lame or cowardly to use a pseudonym. It's protection of privacy, or in some cases (Anne Rice) personal trademark. I don't think it's quite as serious on a blog like yours. I think it's better for your blogging to remain anonymous if you feel you can be more honest that way.

I've never really fully disclosed who I am on my blog, but there are other places I use LadyGlutter. I suppose any stalker with search engine skills could find me if they really tried. I also decided to be very careful about mentions of the kids in my blog, as that's my main concern.

On the other hand, my husband often uses his full name as his username anywhere, and fills out all the forms so everyone knows *everything* possible about him. That actually makes me squeamish. He's very careful never to talk work or anything he considers sensitive online anywhere, though. It seems awfully inhibiting to do that, though. I like to have my layer of secrecy, even if it's very thin.