13 April 2009

It's got one magic trick

Gah! I've been meaning to update now for, like, 5 days or something. It just seems like every time I get a little bit of free time I blink my eyes and it has disappeared! Who's disappearing my free time? Well, there are a few culprits. First, Jim Dunn over at Raising Jacobzona. He runs a couple of blogs, both rife with the funny. Check him out. F'real! Second, the city of Birmingham. I was there this past weekend and, as is often the case, filled my 'free time' with 'alcohol' and 'friends'. Then there was this other mixtape I had to finish for The Mixtape Club in Birmingham. We really ought to come up with a better name... any suggestions? Anyhow the theme was "Mixtape Suicide Note". As in 'if you were going to kill yourself tomorrow, what songs can you find that would best describe why'? Not the most fun theme to ponder at length, folks. I'd post the tracklist here but then you'd be all like 'what the hell is his deal' and 'of course he'd pick a Danzig song'. Besides, out of all the mixes I've made in the past couple of years I can say I like that one the least. Probably because I wasn't too keen on the subject matter. Also because I was kind of in a hurry to finish it. We exchanged these mixtapes at a friend's 30th birthday party. Let me tell you suicide music does not liven up a party. Actually they weren't all super-depressing, Morrissey-esque ballads extolling the virtues of death. Mine even had some upbeat sounding alt-country! More specifically it had a song called "You Can't Buy a Gun When You're Crying" by Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs. Here it is:

Yes, that's a very British band playing very good country western music. So it really wasn't all that bad, you see. Tonight I'm going to try to go see Jason Webley at a house show in Huntsville. I'm curious as to why he's playing at a house. He seems to have a decent following. I'm sure he could've played at an actual venue. I'm actually a little wary of house shows, to be honest. Houses don't typically have enough room or decent enough acoustics to accomodate more than about 20 people comfortably. At least that's been my experience, anyway. Maybe this'll change my opinion.

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Heather Rose said...

Life happens. Your blog will survive. At least, that's what I keep telling myself these days.

Oh, and the house show didn't change your opinion, did it? Pah! I doubt it.

At least Webley is awesome enough to literally shake the place up. Made it all worth while for me.