08 April 2009

Apollo Rocks Roots and Burial

A couple of weeks ago I had a contest to celebrate my 100th blog post. Heather Rose won and has been ever so patiently waiting for her mixtape. I know, I should actually call it a mix CD, but I don't care what I should call it, I like calling 'em mixtapes. Seems cooler that way to me for some reason. Anyhow, Heather came up with the awesome idea of a Roots and Burial mix. This was intriguing to me because I can think of all sorts of songs about death, but not necessarily burial; family, but not necessarily roots and so on and so forth. So it was challenging and really fun to make. I finally got it done yesterday. I haven't technically delivered it yet, but I did make my own copy which I've been listening to since yesterday to make sure that it all worked the way I wanted it to. It did. Without further ado (and with warning to Heather that if she wants it to be a surprise then turn away now) I present the tracklist for what I hope to be the first of many "Apollo Rocks It mix contests.

1) William Elliott Whitmore - Digging my grave
2) Blind Lemon Jefferson - See that my grave is kept clean
3) Oakley Hall - Bury your burden
4) Great Lake Swimmers - I am Part of a Large Family
5) Eisley - Many Funerals
6) Rancid - Roots radicals
7) Tom Waits - Cold Cold Ground
8) William Elliott Whitmore - Cold and Dead
9) Pine Hill Haints - Don't Wait for Six Strong Men
10) The Ramones - Pet Sematary
11) H2O - Family Tree
12) Modest Mouse - Bury me with it
13) Talking Heads - Pull up the Roots
14) Old Crow Medicine Show - Beech Creek Dirge
15) Tom Waits - Dirt in the Ground
16) Alisdair Roberts - A Lyke-Wake Dirge
17) The Pogues - Worms

I'm still working on the cover design. Since I don't have a printer at home it takes some doing. Once that's done, though, it's all hers. And mine. Cause I'm totally keeping that mix forever. What songs would you have put on this mix if it were yours to make? There were probably six songs that were on the bubble for me but didn't make the cut.

Now I've just got to finish the Suicide mix that I'm supposed to be doing for my Mixtape Club. Yeah. I know. Depressing theme, right? Once that one is done I'll probably post that tracklist here as well.

Do y'all think I should keep doing these? Cause I get a kick out of making mixtapes. I can imagine that Heather won't have a problem trying to win 'em all.


Heather Rose said...

Yay! Spoiler my hiney! I've been dying to know what made the cut.

Tom Waits x two = you've made me a happy girl.

Not to mention how excited I am about the few songs that I don't know! I'm giddy.

Okay...I think it's perfect, but you asked...so, I might have included.

1) Noah & The Whale-Death By Numbers
2) Cloud Cult-When Water Comes To Life
3) Bonnie Prince Billy-Death To Everyone
4)Neutral Milk Hotel-Holland 1945

Okay...so I should totally make YOU a cd now. Just cause. Yay!

Sarah said...

Hell yes you should keep doing something you like.

Also, start liking sending me your OCMS songs. :D

Apollo said...

Heather - Well you should have the album in hand shortly as I delivered it to your husband a while ago. I didn't even think about Neutral Milk Hotel! Can't believe that one slipped by me. Feel free to make me a CD whenever you like. I always accept music!

Sarah - Hell yes I should! I've wracked my brain trying to figure out what OCMS means, dear. As soon as I know I will get right on sending you them there songs.

Sarah said...

OCMS = Old Crow Medicine Show

Apollo said...

You figure working for the government I would be able to figure out what any damn acronym meant. Especially one that obvious. I'll try to remember to bring my Old Crow collection to Crestwood Coffee tomorrow.

Ladyglutter said...

Why would you even ask? Of course you should keep making and sharing your mixtapes! And please keep calling them that, too. :)

Even when it's not readily apparent, it spreads the fun around when you share music you love. I really like it when people with overlapping musical interests to me dig on some band or another, whether it's brand new to me or an old favorite, or heck, even when I hate it.