12 February 2009

I am a robot

On Monday of this week I ordered myself on of them there newfangled Amazon Kindle 2s. I was feeling particularly upset about my dog and figured a little bit of retail therapy might help some. If nothing else it distracted me momentarily with its promises of instant book delivery and constant access to Wikipedia, God of Information. It's pretty sleek looking, too. It won't ship until the official release on the 24th of this month so I've got to somehow survive reading like a normal person until then. How will I survive? It'll be okay though because that should give me enough time to finish reading the book I'm on right now, Appetite for Self-Destruction: The Downfall of the Record Industry in the Digital Age. I'd say that it'll be the last dead-tree book I'll ever read but I've still got a Joe Strummer bio sitting on my coffee table. Anyway I think the first book(s) I'll buy on it are the Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson.

Speaking of sci-fi, how about some new music? Have you heard of The Phenomenauts? They're pretty awesome. They're kind of a rockabilly band that does music only about Buck Rogers-esque space life. Pretty good, too. Here's the video for the first track off of their second record.

Watching their music videos gives me many tattoo ideas. I think it may be about time.


Anonymous said...

Let me know how you like the Kindle - I've been contemplating it for a bit. But I'm still really attached to my dead-tree books.....nothing feels, or smells, better than a well-loved paperback....

Heather Rose said...

Phenomenauts rock! You and I might just be music soul-mates.

I think you need a robot, or a pair of those goggles and Cap'n Chreehos tattooed on your forearm. :P

I'm so sorry about your doggy. I hope retail therapy pans out. xo

Apollo said...

Ari- I'll definitely let you know how super awesome it is!

Heather- I've been looking for a music soul-mate all my life. Yay!