23 February 2009

Nights like these

Well the last few days have been fun. I went and got more German food last Thursday for dinner (yes, more schnitzel). I've taken to walking around the lake at my apartment complex every day when I get home from work so I'm attempting to eat a little healthier and drop some of the weight I've put on. Obviously eating schnitzel doesn't fall into this scheme but it's effin' tasty and I allow myself a few transgressions. I shouldn't let myself do that, though. Especially not before I go to Birmingham like I did this past weekend. When I'm in Birmingham I pretty much eat whatever my dad has around the house and it ain't what you'd normally call healthy. I try, though. I try. Then I get drunk and go to Waffle House. Two nights in a row. Fuck.

The Lucero show was awesome. I got to hang out with some friends of mine that I don't see too often AND I saw a kick ass rock show. AND I got blitzed drunk. On Irish whiskey and Pabst, no less. Momma sure woulda been proud. Then I went to Waffle House with my equally drunk friend and struggled to finish my All Star Breakfast while the serving staff unburdened their souls on us. That seems to happen to me a lot when I go there.

More Lucero music:

On Saturday I got to hang out with my family and celebrate my mom's birthday. Since all of the ideas she gave me for gifts were hella lame I decided I'd blow her damn mind with my awesome gifting prowess and bought her 3 tickets to a Cirque de Soleil performance here in Huntsville in April. Yeah, that means I have to go, too. YOU SEE HOW MUCH I LOVE? After dinner with the fam I went down to Speakeasy and started knocking back Guinness like it was the antidote. My ex was there and lately she's been acting like she either wants to get back together or do the no-pants dance again. Ugh. Date Girl and her friend came and met me out there, too. The last time my ex was around and I payed attention to another girl she started acting a little like a needy harlot so I was expecting the worst. I was able to keep that from happening this time without too much effort, though. It was a fun time. We shot pool and I totally beat the crap out of 'em all manly and efficient-like. I've never been a student of the 'let the girl win' school. At least not in pool, anyway. I decided to hold off on calling her and talking about 'us' last week even though I said I would. It was too early. It still may be a little early but I think I will do it sometime this week. If I can adequately express to her that I want more than friendship without sounding like I'm pressuring her then I think it'll go well. Of course I don't know how she'll react, but we'll see.

Oh, I got a speeding ticket yesterday. I hate that shit. I felt like explaining to the officer that the reason I drive fast is to get away from the other idiots on the road and to get off the road as quickly as possible but I don't think I could've properly made my point without screaming, cursing profusely, and smoke coming out of my ears.


Anonymous said...

I'm really envious of all the schnitzel you've been having. . .and the Waffle House. . .ummm...hashbrowns....

Don't hate on Cirque de Soleil - I'm going! But then again, I didn't have to pay for my tickets...at least my job has one perk!

Oh - btw - the Valley Planet is having a party on March 6 at 801!!

Apollo said...

I've seen about 3 different Cirque shows so I guess I really don't have room to say anything. Still I can think of better ways to spend a Saturday afternoon. Like watching The Wire.

I don't know what 801 is but I like the idea of parties.

Heather Rose said...

I did some research on schnitzel. It's got meat in it. :(

I don't know why I assume everything is vegetarian for me. I may have been thinking along the lines of strudal or streusel? Anyhow, German restaurant is still in. I'll manage without the schnit.

The more I listen to Lucero the more influences I hear. Today it was a little Blind Melon. Nice.

I have had so many speeding tickets. Sigh. I speed for the exact same reason-to escape.

801 is a hecka expensive restaurant, with cool art. ^_^

Apollo said...

Maybe we can find you a vegetarian schnitzel... haha. We should hit up a German restaurant for dinner or lunch sometime in the next week or so.

More music for you: Chuck Ragan and Austin Lucas. Also, The Thrift Store Cowboys.

So where is this 801 place what is the nature of the Valley Planet party?

Heather Rose said...

What evenings are best for you? Dinner would be best, since I work about 45 minutes from you guys. Then I can fenagle with Ari and my husband person to set a date! ^_^

Thanks for the music. I'm SO checking it out!

I think 801 is in the 5 points area, but I suck at directions. I'll give a shout at Ari to let you know where and what about the Planet get together.

Anonymous said...

801 is "fine dining" restaurant - but the bar is really nice and casual. Their bartender was voted "Best in the Valley..." Nonetheless, the ValleyPlanet party is casual - to honor our Best of the Valley winners. . . email me for directions - ariana.blevins@gmail.com.

Whenever is good for me for schnitzel!