11 February 2009

Tall green grass

Okay, so I did actually call Date Girl. I know, I'm shocked, too! Of course I went to the bar first and had a few drinks. You know, to take the edge off. Honestly I didn't expect her to answer her phone so I had a whole voicemail message scripted in my head. She did answer the phone, though. I think the alcohol helped my improvisational skills. I'm going to Birmingham on Friday to take her to dinner. Normally I'd hate to drive to Birmingham two weekends in a row but this could totally be worth it. I'm still not entirely convinced that she and I are on the same page. See how weird I am? I mean anyone else would probably take this as a sure sign that there is mutual interest here but I'm sitting here pontificating about her verbage and vocal inflections because I'm so damn crazy (and mildly intoxicated). That doesn't matter though because we're having dinner Friday night and things are looking good!


Heather Rose said...

So, she hasn't deemed you a crazy-head! Yay!

I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

Oh yay! Good luck! I wanna how it goes...oh and watch her body language, which you probably already do since you were "pontificating about her verbage and vocal inflections"

Have fun!

Apollo said...

Heather- With any luck that won't happen for at least a month or two. I hope it'll go well.

Ari- I always watch body language. Although, like you pointed out, since I'm already overthinking things it's probably not the best idea to add to the pile.