18 February 2009


I've been thinking a lot recently about Date Girl and my vacillation about a relationship. First, let me say that I'm certainly putting the cart before the horse here because I don't even know if she's interested. I didn't get any strong signals from her when we were together and to be honest it's just convenient for me to blame that on something like the 'fog of medication'. I was wrong to do that and I've realized it (thanks, Sarah). That may well be the case but it could just as easily be - and in fact, more than likely is - my inability to read women in general. This would be a great Cyrano case. It's frustrating, that's for sure. I think I'll call her tonight and try to talk to her about things. I think I can do that without coming off as too forward and pushy, right? The more I think about it I really would like to see her again. Really.


I totally ate schnitzel for lunch today. Jealous?


I'll be in Birmingham (again!) this weekend. I'm going to see Lucero with a bunch of friends at Bottletree on Friday night. It looks like it may be an epic evening. Saturday I will probably get together with my family to celebrate my mother's birthday, which was Monday. I still need to buy her something. My whole family just plain sucks at birthdays. Gift cards? Really? That's all you effin' want? LAME. Anyhow I'm planning on seeing Date Girl sometime this weekend and I think I'll just have to cowboy up and see how she feels about me.

Lucero's song "My Best Girl" off the album Tennessee.


Any snazzy web designers out there want to give me some cheap/free advice on how to change my blog layout? By that I mean suggestions both stylistic and code-tastic. I'm getting tired of this design. I'm also considering moving this to my own url and off of blogspot. Not that I'm having any problems with blogspot but urls are cheap and it would give me more control of the format.


I'm driving to Tennessee after work to stock up on quality beer. Free the Hops, Alabama!


Ari said...

Ok...so 1.Talk to her - its too soon to tell anything. Maybe after this weekend.

2.I want schnitzel!! And German Potato Salad!! So jealous.

3.I can give you a link to a site that helps modify your layout...

4.There's a Free the Hops rally at the end of this month! Are you going?

Heather Rose said...

I'm with Ari on number one. Talk to her, but it might be a little too early to tell.

I've never had schnitzel! I don't know what I'm missing. I've been to many an October Fest, and I was never offered any of this gloriousness. Outrage!

Heather Rose said...

Oh, and that song? Creepy good.

"I'm a sucker for some pretty eyes."

Love it! It's like Pink Floyd gone folk.

Apollo said...

Ari- I intend to call her tonight and see if she wants to go out Saturday or something. I may be able to get a better feel of her position on this whole affair. Also, the schnitzel was effin' awesome but, alas, there was no potato salad. PLEASE MAKE WITH THE LINKS. Yes, I intend to go to the FTH rally.

Heather- I'm with Ari, too. It's a nice place to be. Schnitzel is pretty awesome. Maybe someday we can all hit up one of the many fine German restaurants around town!

Lucero is just plain awesome. If you're into that I can probably suggest a slew of other music you'd appreciate.

Heather Rose said...

We should totally all go get dinner some night. Having some major Norwegian heritage, I feel as if my knowledge of German food should be better. They are sort of neighbors, after all.

And suggest away mister. Like I said, music soul-mates.

Ari said...

This is the place that I found all of my tutorials....http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/2008/09/how-to-do-fancy-things-to-your-blogger.html

let me know if you need more help - i have a very very limited knowledge of html...very limited

Apollo said...

Heather- Deal. We'll do German sometime soon. And check out a band called Whiskeytown. It's Ryan Adams first group and they only put out a couple of albums but they're pretty good. Or maybe The Drive-by Truckers. Or William Elliot Whitmore. Or Cory Branan. By the way I could give you all of this music sometime.

Ari- Yay! Thanks for the link. Expect changes.

Heather Rose said...

You, my friend, are a sweetie. Thanks!