05 February 2009

Meeting of the bored

I seem to be using a lot of 'bored' puns for titles recently. Fancy that. Anyhow I just got out of a meeting and I thought it might be interesting to transcribe here the notes I took during that meeting. In all their glory:

I wish I wasn't falling asleep in this meeting. I don't really know why I'm in here. I'm not going to contribute. I guess I'm here to learn something. There only seems to be about half a dozen people in here that are contributing. Maybe ten. There are forty people here. I seriously would love to see a running tally of the money being spent on engineers in attendance. I am sure that would streamline things. I can't even begin to imagine. Well, yes I can. Here's some math for you. Let's say the average hourly pay of each engineer in this room is $20. That's probably actually really low. [ed: somewhere my 6th grade English teacher cried when I wrote that sentence] Even then that's $800 for one hour. This meeting was scheduled for four hours. That would mean $2400 wasted.
Rocket science, y'all. After giving it some thought I believe that $30 an hour would have been a much more reasonable wage for that calculation. Also, I forgot about the engineers that had called into the meeting, of which there were at least 5. The Wage Tally Calculator is an idea I had after I went to a meeting of about 200 engineers where about 20 were actually involved. A meeting of 200 engineers where about 20 were actually involved that lasted eight hours. Seriously. That was a month or two ago when I was still working with the Department of Defense, though. That's tax money, baby. If there was just a little application that could run with the Powerpoint slides that showed that tally in the bottom corner of the screen I bet the higher-ups in attendance would shit. I shouldn't complain, though. After all, one of the wages in that tally is mine.


Anonymous said...

I hate meetings like that! I was on the "green team" here - what a colossal waste of time! For a good laugh read my post from Sept.26....

Apollo said...

I read your post. Hilarity. That VP sounds like a total dick. It seems like most of the meetings I go to are like that, really. If there are more than about ten people in the room I just zone out and write stupid diatribes about wasted spending.