17 July 2008


I've been absent for a few days, I know. It's a result of of a few things- a few things that will be keeping this blog entry short and probably earning me much gratitude from my legion of readers. I say gratitude because everyone will want to play The Continuum. It's a free MMO (shudder) that's all turn-based strategy. The learning curve isn't too steep, either. It's just been up for a week or two so there aren't a lot of people on yet, which I like. I typically hate MMOs (like WoW...) and this one is ranked, for what that's worth, but I really enjoy it and it's succesfully compelled me to spend money on it. Yes it's free but you can opt to purchase stuff, which of course I did because I'm a salesman's dreamdate (saleswoman?).

I've also been slowly but surely getting school work done. Enough so that I am going to Auburn tomorrow morning to give a presentation for my masters. Wish me luck. That is if you can find the time what with playing The Continuum now being your sole/soul activity.

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