05 July 2008

Procrastination ain't the word

Seriously, I can't even call what I'm doing procrastinating. I should just call it 'fucking myself over'. It's like I can't bring myself to tackle this project. This project that I'm supposed to be giving a presentation on next Friday. This project that I haven't really worked on that much. This project that involves me learning an entirely new programming language and developing a mission model based on parameters I haven't studied in well over a year. What the hell is wrong with me? You'd think that I would just bite the bullet and not sleep for the next week to get this shit done, but given my track record it'd be hard to assume as such. I do this kind of crap all of the time and it makes me sick. I have no idea what makes me put important things off. It's bitten me in the ass before so you would think I would have learned my lesson. The fact that I'm sitting here talking about it would lead one to believe that I've come to terms with it and am well on my way to overcoming this hurdle. But, to be honest, I'm sitting here talking about it instead of working. Go figure. Okay, I'm gonna try and get something done now.

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