28 July 2008


Now that I've got a song stuck in your head I'll update you to the beat of David Bowie. It's been almost a week since I've posted and honestly I want to start updating more. I would say this last week has been busy, because it very well should have been. That would be dishonest of me, though. I haven't done much. I need to do much. Now there is a whole bunch of other shit for me to be worrying about along with my schoolwork so... fuck.

I start my job in Huntsville in exactly one week. As in next Monday. August the Fourth Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Eight. People keep asking me if I'm excited and I tell them, "I'm excited about having money." THAT is not something I would have imagined myself saying in an ideal situation. Of course this whole Workaday World Nine to Five Nonsense is completely (sort of?) new to me so it's hard for me to be an accurate judge of my reaction.

All that being said the exciting news is that I went to Huntsville today and signed a lease on a sweet apartment. It's a lot bigger than I need and a little more than I wanted to pay but still affordable and pretty much the only option on such short notice. I probably should've gone last week and looked but I don't think it would've made much difference. SO if any of my Faithful Readers are ever in Huntsville (well, starting Friday) and would like to stop by and say hello feel free to let me know your schedule and you can shower me with praise in person.

Yeah, I just wrote all that about having people read my blog when I'm only positive that one delightful person has ever stopped by. Eat me.


Sarah, etc. said...

You never know who's lurking!

As for switching from academia to 9 to 5, it's just great. You "work" for 8 hours and then go home and do whatever the hell you want. And you don't have to do any reading or writing or grading to accept any phone calls from people who want to know where the books and papers and exams are.

Apollo said...

i think i really am excited about the change, sarah. like i've said before, though, i don't really feel like i've been in academia for a good long while (which has obviously created some problems). i think that it'll be nice to be free of the stress of just knowing i really am still a student, despite what i may want to believe.

tina said...

I'll be coming to stay with you. Hopefully when I arrive my bed will be neatly turned down with an inviting mint lying on my pillow.