07 July 2008


I'm sitting downstairs right now with a friend of mine. I'm on my laptop and I'm kind of drunk. I'm watching some Dane Cook stand-up and wondering why I'm not in bed already. The guy is funny and all but I think I'd rather be asleep than watch this. I ought to finish me beer first, though. My friend is reading the last volume of Y: The Last Man, which just came out the other day. It's an awesome comic. Everyone should read it. I believe they are making a movie/series out of it. That'll be great.

I haven't gotten any work done in the last two days, even though I should have been working non-stop. Congratulations, Apollo, you're an idiot. I finally gathered all of my materials and sources together to actually get some work done, so maybe that's a start. But then again I also installed a new game on computer that will assuredly distract me. Fuck. I really can't afford any distractions. I'm not even sure at this point if I still have what it takes to do this work. I have never questioned my intelligence- maybe that is an issue that I haven't considered yet- but I feel like on some level I am out of practice. I know that's a weird thing to say since I'm technically still in school and (as far as I've ever known) school is suppose to be 'practice' for the career world. I guess that part of my problem is that I haven't been in a real college class since May of last year. For the last year and more (at least until February) I've been working at a job and not taking classes. So I've really felt like I've been outside of the college world for (what seems like) an eternity now. It's hard for me to take myself back to that mindset. It's a big step.
I really hope I can make it so I don't feel like a piece of shit. $30K in the hole. A $30K poor piece of shit.

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